Saturday, February 25, 2006


Meet her, my best friend and the most beautiful and profound creation of god. She’s Annie, the most pampered member of family. I wish I could swap life with her just for a day and enjoy life the way she does. No past, no future, this creature lives only the present. No college, no hostel, no workouts, no assignments, no job, no mba, all she’s got to do is love everyone and in turn everyone loves her. I envy her art of expression. She can express her love, happiness, sadness, and anger so aesthetically.
I envy her for so many things, I envy her for being near to my parents all the time; I envy her for having food from mom’s hands twice a day; I envy her for being the master of her life; I envy her for being looked after by each and everyone; most of all I envy her for sleeping so cozily for so long. But, no matter how much I envy her, she makes me love her.
You can never feel alone or low if she’s around, she can make you smile at any hour of the day. She’s has a heart made of gossamer, but it has too much of space. She’s all honeyed up. She spreads some positive vibes around, she probably has an invisible halo around her.
She never gets bored and if you are with her, she won’t let you get bored. She can play with you, she can laugh with you, she can even cry with you, you can talk to her for long, she has all ears to your monologues. She is the best secret keeper; she has all my secrets intact with her.
I miss her most back in hostel, because one thing she’s not capable of doing is talking on phone. When I start packing up for hostel she becomes really upset, but she has so many loved ones around her to cheer her up. But I keep missing her until we meet again.
She has become one of the most precious members of family. People say, she is getting old now; they say dogs have short life. I wish I could meet god and ask him for some drink that can help us to keep her with us life long…. Can’t afford to not have her in my life.

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chhavi said...

really, it showed all ur feelings that how much u r attached to ur annie. i hope that u be wid her for all life long, so that it can keep ur all secrets and be ur best freind. overall a very nice picture.