Sunday, March 19, 2006

Distant eyes, impassive face, timorous words. It seems as if she has aged 50 years in just seven months. This is Radha, a nine-year-old girl. I used to teach her in my vacations, this time she didn’t turn up, so I went to meet her. I remember of her as an extremely jocund kid. She had always been so naughty; her eyes always replete with exuberance and she always had that 32’s smile on her face.
But this time when I met her, it was not easy for me to juxtapose the images of this Radha against the one I used to teach. That one-day took away all the innocence, merriment, and charm from her life. That one-day made all the difference, that one day which started as any other day….
Radha was on her routine chores; she left home to buy milk. Her mother seema didn’t notice radha’s absence for an hour, after which she sent her younger son to look for radha, he came back with the news that radha had left the grocer’s place long back. Seema sulked initially, thinking that she must be playing somewhere. Another hour passed by and radha didn’t turn up, now Shyam (radha’s father) was informed about the whole affair.
Shyam went off in search of the kid… came back after 4 hours… with no news. Police was communicated… After a lot of searching and probing they found her in one of the fields.
All doused in blood she could scarcely breathe… but she was alive. She was gang raped... the sad part is that she was still alive. God knows how did the little body subsist the pain.
Doctors told she had multiple fractures and numerous internal injuries.
She palpitated, hallucinated, screamed and cried; she sensed nothing but fear; she smelled nothing but dirt; she felt nothing but pain. The fanatic hatred of that mayhem thoroughly segued into her. She was back to her senses in 2 weeks. It’s been seven months now. She is still alive. All her innocence has been stolen, her smile has been snatched; she has been thrown into a very dark dungeon. She is living a nightmare. She is alive with that poisoned apple in her throat. And for everyone else the life has retained its normalcy. For grocer, for police, for rapists, for all of us life has moved on. But life has left her at a dead end… this is where I see the Timer with this metaphor of Timelessness.


Ashish said...


I dont know what to say....
its very sad .... its good that u r doing ur part in expressing those feelings ....

Amod said...

It is very sad! hope good things happen to would be better if her parents take her away to a new place, this might help her forgetting the gruesome incident!

Vivek said...

Gosh!! Were the people identified and punished?

Siddharth Sharma said...

What darkness. Such is the worst potential of humanity. and it befalls some unfortunate person. what can we do, i ask of myself for the emancipation of such people.
i think its best for us to develop the country economically.
and work on the general education level of the country by setting up institutions of learning.