Sunday, March 19, 2006

Thank u so much….

The three kg golden trophy when handed over, fills up recipients with different kinds of emotions. Some of the eyes brim with happiness, while others keep jumping off their feet. Some of them very aesthetically describe the handsome man in the trophy while others remain speechless.
This Oscar night, Resse Witherspoon won the best actor female award. While most of us thought she was simply sobbing on the stage for three minutes, later it was discovered that she thanked 24 people in that sobbing process.
The Oscar academy rules say that you can’t extend your acceptance speech over 45 sec. Image yourself speaking 277 words in 45 sec. This is the average length of the acceptance speech they give.
The longest speech award has been grabbed by Halle berry, this speech was 528 words long. It was kinda global speech, she thanked 23 personalities and all the black women of the world, and god knows how all of them contributed to the trophy!!!! Thank god we have people like George Clooney, who compensate and bring down the average length. Clooney had just simple Thank you to say on stage.
The best part is when they thank all the white and black people on earth but forget to give thanks to the academy itself. Between 1992 and 2006, 57% winners did it and they continue to thank everyone, from their directors to their families, to their drivers, maids and dogs, but forget to thank the academy that gives them the award…. Amazing, Hollywood rocks….

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