Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Stayed away from you for long, but finally I’ve u back in my life…. It feels awesome…
The very sight of you, your smell, your presence, everything just everything about you entices me… I love to start my day with you, but the damn world kept me away from for long,
Hw did I crave to have u back in my life… and now u finally are…

You have always been integral part of me… u have kept my company in all the times I’ve been through, be it good, bad, or wateva for that matter, u ve always been the best of my company.
We ve had so much of a time together…

You help me get out of blue easily, you handle my weird mood swings so patiently, you celebrate with me weneva I want to, although I hardly find you accompanying me to parties but wen m bak high on alcohol its only you the who can pacify me J n along with all this you’ve been sweet enough to conform yourself to my changing tastes….

The first thing I wish for in morning is you, keep running back to you all day long, and then when I stay awake late at nights, u hold the lamp all through….
But I didn’t realize your importance until I was asked to abstain, and believe me I missed you a lot.

The feeling I get when I hold you… can‘t be quantified in words, when u touch my lips I can feel life in me… and the when u move down the lips , every single drop of you that enters my body sends across a feeling of déjà vu.

I hate the doctor who asked me not to have you, but know since the bad phase is over I can consume you to my delight, there can b no substitute to you in my life… my dearie COFFEE.
I love coffee… I love the smell… I love the taste… I love the almost-too-hot-to-hold mug in my hand with the coffee-scented steam wafting up my nose in the morning, I love the slightly sweet and creamy, cold icy decaf in the afternoon, and at I night I love it beaten it up to lightest form of froth… uhhhh
Black as the devil,
Hot as hell,
Pure as an angel,
Sweet as love.
This coffee falls into the stomach, and straightway there is a general commotion. Ideas begin to move like the battalions of the Grand Army of the battlefield, and the battle takes place. Things remembered arrive at full gallop, ensuing to the wind. The light cavalry of comparisons deliver a magnificent deploying charge, the artillery of logic hurry up with their train and ammunition, the shafts of with start up like sharpshooters. Similes arise, the paper is covered with ink; for the struggle commences and is concluded with torrents of black water, just as a battle with powder.
Caffeine is my shepherd; I shall not doze.It makes me to wake in green pastures:It leads me beyond the sleeping masses.It restores my buzz:It leads me in the paths of consciousness for its name's sake.Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of addiction,I will fear no Equal:For you are with me; the cream and the sugar they comfort anoints my day with pep; my mug runs over.Surely richness and taste shall follow me all the days of my life:And I will dwell in the House of Mochas forever.
I know m addict, but I simply don’t mind the indulgence

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King said...

Coffee is the sole reason I wake up every day.